• Dr. Habermann, What's your philosophy on the dog flu vaccine?

  • As of now (June 2017), I can't in good faith advocate for using the vaccine. The vaccine is not necessarily a preventative, it just makes the course of disease/illness shorter. Basically instead of sneezing, coughing and being congested for 5-7 days, vaccinated dogs are generally sick for 3-5 days. I have a hard time adding yet another vaccine to our patients for something that doesn't keep the disease from occurring or spreading, but just shortens the longevity of the signs for that minimal of time.

  • What are your clinic hours?

  • Our clinic hours are as follows: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we are open from 6:30am until 7:00pm. Wednesday is a half day from 6:30am until Noon. Saturday is also a short day for us from 6:30am until 1:00pm. We do not close during lunch break.

  • If my pet is diagnosed with cancer, is there anything that can be done for the disease?

  • Absolutely. Many cancers in veterinary medicine are chemotherapy responsive. It's important to understand that dogs and cats USUALLY don't get as profoundly sick from chemotherapy as humans do. For most pets the quality of life while undergoing chemotherapy is quite good, oftentimes they feel better from the chemotherapy than they did when the cancer was making them ill. Of course not all cancers are chemotherapy sensitive. We can perform most chemotherapy protocols here at Foothills Veterinary Clinic. However, if chemo is not an option with a patients particular type of cancer, we can usually recommend other options to certain specialist. These usually involve radiation combined with surgery and in many cases have very good results. In veterinary medicine our goal of chemotherapy is to improve both the quality and quantity of life.

  • Are annual vaccinations for my pet necessary?

  • A simple answer to this question is yes. The more complete answer is "yes, but what your cat or dog is vaccinated for depends on what their lifestyle is like. In other words, we don't vaccinate all dogs and cats the same, we vaccinate your dog and cat based on it's lifestyle. Our GENERAL vaccine guidelines are this. Cats-If inside only Feline Distemper every 3 years, and rabies once a year. Of course the annual health exam is as important for your pet as the vaccines are. If your cat goes outside, we also recommend a Leukemia vaccine be given at least every 3 years. Dogs-Distemper/Parvo given every 3 years with our special triennial vaccine, Leptospirosis given annually if the dog is exposed to lakes, streams etc., Rabies annually, Bordetella and intestinal worm check every 6 months, and a heartworm antigen test annually.