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Megan Taylor-Assistant

Megan has been with us since April 2006. She is from Minnesota and now lives in Dahlonega with her husband, Tommy and their two boys. She participates in a German Shepherd dog rescue where she helps to foster dogs and find them homes. She enjoys cooking, volunteering at her church, gardening, and playing with her kids outdoors.


Kym Sibilsky-ProfessionalGroomer

Kym has been our groomer since November 2005. She is originally from S.E. Michigan. She is an all-breed groomer with over nearly 30 years of professional experience. She enjoys attending seminars and trade shows to further her education and keep up with the latest grooming tools and procedures. Kym lives with her husband, Roger, her dog, Bruiser and many cats. In her spare time Kym enjoys gardening, crafts, and volunteering at a local thrift store. You can contact Kym by calling the clinic at 706-216-1356.


Ainsley Blomert-Assistant

Ainsley has been with us since may 2007. She is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and now lives in Gainesville with her two cats and three dogs. Ainsley received a bachelor of science in biology from North Georgia College and State University in 2007. She enjoys working with cats and she has often been called our "Cat Whisperer". In her spare time Ainsley enjoys pottery, aquarium keeping, scuba diving, laser tag, and playing tennis.

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